********* 23/10/10 - MostlyHarmless v16 added to the site. ---------- 6/5/10 - Queller TA CC v17 released. Also added TA Demo Recorder & AI Patch to various downloads. ---------- 16/04/05 - LiquidMetal now at version 3 and better than ever. ---------- 01/04/05 - Corrected a mistake in the air behaviour of Queller TA & CC v16. If you've already downloaded it, you'll need to do so again to get the fix. ---------- 28/03/05 - Queller TA & CC v16 released! Now plays a better long game, with improvements across the board, especially on metal maps. Queller and Ultimate AIs now moved into the relevant sections along with all the other AIs. LiquidMetal AI TAM version fixed. ---------- 27/9/03 - Link for Explosives AI fixed. **********

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AI Unit Packs Make your current or new AI even more effective 10 AI Packs
TA Cheating AIs For that extra challenge 15 AIs
TA Normal AIs Making the best use of resources and troops 40 AIs
TA:K Cheating AIs Just to make those rushes that bit harder 2 AIs
TA:K Normal AIs Trying to improve on a bad foundation 4 AIs
AI Design Programs AI creation tools 3 Files
Various AI guides and useful AI things for TA/K 7 Files