TAK Cheating AI's:

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If you know of an AI which should be here, but isn't, then please drop me a line. There is one exception. If an AI is designed exclusively for a MOD and is included in that MOD, or on the MODs page, then I don't bother hosting it here.

IMPORTANT: To get a TA:K AI to work, you must have disabled Cavedog verification. If you haven't, or don't even know what this is, then download TAK Fix.

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Authors Description

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AI Central's Description

Extreme AI v2.3

241 KB

TA Universe


Extreme AI is a cheating AI that greatly enhances the AI monarch. The enhancements allow the AI to put up a real fight. A human opponent is still better than an AI but you will still need all your skills to defeat this AI. Extreme AI includes new features that will give it an edge over other cheating AIs.


Yes (required to run)

XMod (made for it)

By the author of WA_AI, this is a replacement based around the same idea. This is the hardest AI for TAK that I know of. Using special Monarchs to increase its mana capacity, it's not going to have too much trouble mass producing units. Not only that, but it has a tendancy to go for Gods, special Gods, which build faster than normal, be careful around Creon. Yes the author truly is evil. If you have a previous version of Extreme, remove it before installing the new one.


TA-Power Savage AI v1

134 KB

TA Universe


The Savage AI is a much-needed CHEATING AI. It has extra resources and will NOT mana stall in the early stages of a game. It will built up its forces and a base very fast it I will be a much better challenge and can be very hard to beat. IT USES THE LATEST TA-POWER VETERAN AI SCRIPT, SO WAVE AFTER WAVE OF SUPERIOR VISCOUS AI FORCES ARE GUARANTEED.


Yes (required to run)

Azurian Race

Orison Race

The next generation of cheating AI for TAK. Non-cheating AI's have a hard time because the AI engine in Kingdoms is dire, however this could be the solution to your problems. It has extra resources to avoid all the usual mana problems, and uses improved troop mixes to give you a real run for your money. Just remember to flick through the readme.


Got an AI you've made? Want the TA:K world to see it? Well e-mail it to Quitch, please include a 50-100 word description and a note saying if you would like your name turned into an e-mail link along with the address that should be used. Finally add the name and URL of any MODS it may support.