Please note that reviews are only the opinion of the person writing the review. An AI may be vunerable to that persons style of play, but beat everything else. We do not say reviews on this site are perfect, they are simply what whoever wrote them thinks of the AI.

Got an opinion? Want to tell others what you think of an AI? Well write up a review and submit it via e-mail to Quitch. It'll be processed and put up for all to see.

There is only one rule regarding reviews, you cannot review your own AI. Other than that I welcome anything you may care to write, no matter how short or long. I'll fix your spelling and grammar, and your opinion is your own to hold, so don't worry about being rejected because of it.

In fact, there's really no reason for you NOT to write a review on an AI you download. I will publish everything I receive. Reviews will be removed when a new version of the AI comes out though.

I plan to replace this page with a form for AI reviews, but it did take me about two years to fix the Core articles button graphic, so who knows when it will happen, eh.