This section contains various ideas or thoughts on AI. If I think of anything, or a discussion catches my interest, I will put it here. If you wish to write an AI related article, give it a shot, and send it to me.

Articles and Discussion

Installing an AI: A guide both to installing AI's correctly, and making sure specialist AI's work correctly on your machine. - Quitch

Zoning: Real Time Strategy AI has always been disappointing, this article is about what is does, and where it should go from here. - Quitch

Zoning Discussion: Read the posts, and see how the ideas on Zoning were developed further on the Total Annihilation forum. Thanks to Warsmith for bringing them all together.

Total Annihilation 2 AI Wish List: Please post any ideas you have for the AI in TA2 on the message board. I am compling a list of everything that people want included.

Weights and Limits Explained: Learn what weights and limits do, and how they do it. - Quitch

Off Site Articles

AI Project: An article giving an outline on a method for AI decision making.