Installing An AI

Many AI's don't come with instructions, some come only with profiles that require renaming or special maps to run. Some come with files that don't seem to go anywhere. This guide has been written to help you make sure you get your AI in the right place and working properly.

Even if you have TA-Mutation (TAM), elements of this article will still apply to you.

Installing - non-TAM users only

By far the simplest part, yet very often not explained the by AI itself. So here is how:

  1. Extract all files ending .txt into a folder of your own creation called "ai". This folder should be put inside the Totala folder.
  2. All .ota files need their own folder called "maps" which should also be placed inside the Totala folder.
  3. Some AI's come with a file called Sidedata.tdf, this should be stored in a folder called "gamedata" which should be put inside the Totala folder.
  4. Finally, the AI may have come with some .ufo files. These contain special units that the AI will use, either to cheat, or to allow it to use buildings it couldn't use before. These should be put inside the Totala directory. Please note that you should remove all .ufo files installed by any previous AI before installing the new ones.
  5. Any remaining files are excess to requirements and you may do what you wish with them.

These instructions apply only to files found in the AI ZIPs, not to any files that already exist in your TA directory.

Please note that some AI's automatically install or unzip themselves into the correct folders. Be sure to check if your AI's ZIP does this before choosing the unzip locations yourself. Always read the documentation.

Installing - TAM users

You get it easy, TAM does all the work. Simply extract all the files into your TA-Mutation/AIs directory. If you're using an older version of TAM, you may not have an AIs directory, so simply extract the files into your TA-Mutation one.

Installing Extra - TAM and non-TAM users

If you do not use TAM then you can only have one AI installed at a time, be sure to either delete your previous AI or move it to a safe place before installing a new one.

If you have downloaded an updated copy of an AI or new version, always delete the previous version before installing the new one. In the case of TAM users, remember to turn off the AI before deleting it.

Renaming - TAM and non-TAM users

Many AI's were designed for certain maps and their subsequent release was more of an after thought. Very often they still keep their own name, which of course is not what you want an AI to do when you intend to use it for general maps. Non-TAM users should open the "ai" folder, TAM users go into the TA-Mutation then AIs subdirectory and open the folder "^^[insert AI name here](1)". If there are any files which share the name of the AI or has a name that doesn't sound like a standard profile (Default, Metal, Wind, WindMetal, WaterWrld, Urban, SeaBattle, AirBattle, Air, LowMetal etc.), open them. If the file contains a list of weights and limits then you should rename the file to "Default", also create a copy of it called "Metal", "Wind" and "WindMetal". Some of these profiles (such as McnTerra) can also be called AirBattle and Air while still being fairly effective.

- Quitch