AI Creation Tools

AI Profiler 2.5a

AI Profiler 2.5a, a tool from C_A_P containing the TA AI Profiler, complete with a new easy to use interface. Using this should enable you to make your very own AI for Total Annihilation. As of yet there is no TAK Profiler in the latest release.

Though the Profiler now comes with instructions and Switeck's AI Guide (though it is unclear whether this is the latest copy), a lot of people are still unclear over the use of weights and limits, weights in particular. Look in the articles section of this site for a detailed weights and limits guide.

Something the instructions do not tell you is that just because you have not clicked the "Include this unit" button beneath a unit, does not mean that the AI will not use it, the internal weights and limits will be used instead. I would reccomend you turn on all the "Include this unit" buttons so you can retain full control over which units the AI uses.

Download AI Profiler 2.5a - 2.32 MB

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Small AI Designer 1.1

When 1.0 first came out I said it had potential, but hadn't quite reached the dizzy heights. However, now I can safely say that this is by far the best AI Designer program around. It comes with everything you could want, it scans your TA directory for units, reads in text and AI Profiler files, generates levels of difficulty. If you're feeling really silly, you can even have it generate a profile entirely at random. In actual fact, this program does almost everything you could want, except for allowing you to choose the order in which units appear in the final AI text file. The only place I could even think of knocking it, is the interface, which isn't quite as good as AI Profilers, but if you're looking for a place to start, it doesn't get much better than this.

Download Small AI Designer 1.1 - 2.72 MB

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Small AI Desiger Patch

All the annoying bugs reported by users have been fixed in this, 1.1c. You'll need to haved installed 1.1 or better first before applying this patch.

Download the Small AI Designer 1.1c patch - 258 KB

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A program aimed more at the crowd that would like to edit the text file by hand, but without the tedium of learning the codes. You will need to know how to extract FBI files from the TA archives before you can use this tool. It's very simple, you extract the FBI files of every unit you want to weight and limit in your AI, then run this tool on it. It creates an AI profile for you, and all you need do is weight and limit the units. It even includes basic details for each unit, such as its name and cost. An interesting approach, and perhaps more for those who want to have complete control over their profies, but are a bit weak in remembering unit codes. There's nothing user friendly about this, so if you know next to nothing about TA files, the tools above will be much better for you.

Download FBIDump 1.0 - 36.5 KB

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